Spiritual Life Readings. New!

“Had a spiritual reading from Deb and

Wowzers, that is amazing so many things in there I have literally said to my best friend today ! I can’t quite believe it.

it’s fantastic thank u so much.”

Lou P Bristol

“Deb, my reading is so beautiful and in-depth! Really, everything you and Amos said resonates with me, except the baby pink, that was a nice surprise. I haven’t worked with my angels for a while, but I have always been drawn to Gabriel and Chamuel. And I know Raziel had LOT to teach me. You know me so well without me ever telling you my past emotional history. Bless you, your words and healing and inspiring for me.”

Pam B Chicago Illinois

It was as if ‘you’ were inside my mind. Totally amazing and so much help I cannot tell you it all makes so much sense. It is so good to have something which is not for comfort but is real, insightful, and thought provoking. All I can say is WOW. Absolutely extraordinary, wonderful, perceptive, fantastic and helpful.

Jayne D, Wiltshire

Deb, thank you – what a reading! I had no idea what to expect – this is life changing. Such depth and such love! So understanding and supportive! I totally understand what Spirit are talking about and there are things I knew before and there are also things I have just recently started to do that they confirmed as right! You could not possibly have known any of this, this is so genuinely from my guides, and Amos. It’s a very important reading. Totally beautiful, totally loving, utterly real and complete. This feels like a very special gift, going beyond anything you’ve ever done before, and it’s very important for the world right now. I feel deeply honoured to have received this from you.”

Arwen (Glastonbury) xxx

“I’ve had a Life rading too. Never had such an in-depth and thought-provoking reading before. It was incredibly insightful and truly amazing. A really unique way to deliver the message you NEED to hear. It’s helped me massively.”

Luke, Bristol

“The lovely Deb sent me a spirit reading. It was very accurate, and I found it comforting. I really needed to hear these words, and they came just at the right time. I’m definitely going to keep it so I can read when I feel I need guidance or a little lost. Thank you so much Deb.”

Dawn, Bristol

“Debs, I don’t have words to describe how I feel, my past my present and future all on the button. I feel next year is going to be a great year for me and what has been told me just confirms it, thanks and love to you and Amos.”

Neil, Bristol

Spiritual Life Coaching

“You do realise you’re saving my relationship, my career, and my friendships, don’t you Deb?”

Jo-Rena, Bermuda



“You gave us so much information and told my sister so much she did not know but we have verified now. We researched, and my grandad’s ship was hit my a torpedo. You are very gifted.” Debbie, Cricket

“You wrote Peter to me (Judo)… I did find you incredible. My Mum told me she did go to the door as dad passed. And she understood the shining pennies. The grey haired lady you brought to me first with the name Sarah was my best friend. ” Tracey, Somerset

“Amazing, 100% spot on.” Alex London

“During the reading you did for me a couple of years ago, my mother came through. You said that I had her wedding ring and that it would make her happy if I wore it. At the time I felt certain that my sister had it. I did check when I got home but couldn’t find it anywhere, I then forgot about it. Recently I was looking for a matching ring and necklace set my husband bought me. When I opened the ring box the ring I wanted wasn’t in there, my mother’s wedding ring was. You could have knocked me down with a feather, because I do not remember receiving the ring, and it shouldn’t have been in that box! I owe you a big apology for having doubted your abilities. I should have known better!” Christine, Bristol.