Trust the Best

Avoid Cynicism

We’ve become a society focused on negativity. From soap operas to pharmacy’s and other shops selling over-the-counter remedies for things we have or might potentially have, to the GPs dishing out tablets for anxiety because they simply don’t have the time to help cure the problem.

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The Blame, Shame, Game!

Anxiety and Blame

When you’re feeling low and anxious you don’t recognise yourself, you become someone you never expected to be, and you have no idea how to cope with the stranger that’s invaded your mind and taken over your emotions.

You can be quite tough on yourself, thinking that you just need to get a grip, and other people can certainly suggest that they feel the same. It’s rubbish.

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No Miracles Here

We All Need Help

As a mentor who helps people put their everyday lives right, and balance home, career, family, friends, and self-care, I can tell you that I’ve been through the mill too.

I used to look at the people I turned to for help and inspiration, see them standing up in front of an audience looking comfortable and being inspirational, and think “I can never imagine how I could be like that!” Now I am.

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