All Encompassing

Love magic, hands of heart shape

Love magic, hands of heart shape

Separate or Together?

When people think about spirituality they often think of it as separate from real life.  A connection you make in meditation, a theory you study, but not something that reaches into each and every corner of your life.  Nor do they think about real life as something that needs spiritual thinkers, taking part and speaking up, in every single aspect of our day-to-day existence.  That begs the question:

If you’re trying hard to find a better way of being and acting, why would you not want to take that into every area of life?

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Mind, Body, Spirit

Hands releasing butterfliesA Better Reality

Mind, body, spirit isn’t just a title on a banner outside an event, or on the shelves in a bookshop, it’s what we are.  But what does that really mean in the real world, in a reality that is so human it feels as divorced from heaven as it’s possible to be?

It means a lot of things and all of them practical and applicable to 21st Century mayhem.

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Spirit in the Real World

Why Simplicity Works

Yesterday I talked about how simple spirit keep things, coming up with the most obvious solutions that we often block with intellect and book learning, rules and regulations about the way things are.

Today I want to tell you why simplicity works so well when you’re trying to change from a person with the wrong thoughts that don’t support your personal happiness and success.

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