I have lived two distinct lives, one before I discovered spiritual thinking, and the other since.

I was raised in a rather messed up family. When I was young I didn’t realise the amount of pain and emotional suffering that lay in my background and gene pool, I thought my family were wonderful and I would have fought anyone who said otherwise. However, they were quietly drip-feeding their own hang-ups and fears to me, until I became like them. I’m sure you know the feeling.

When I was 6 my grandfather died, and that was undoubtedly the defining moment of my life. When I was 9 the family ripped itself apart, and I led a lonely life with my parents, brother, and grandmother. Due to the tragic death of my 4 year old uncle in 1942, my mother and grandmother were boy-obsessed, and once my brother was born, through no fault of his, I became an afterthought. Sadly, my parents had decided when I was born that they were going to raise the perfect child, my father later told me that they shouldn’t have been so hard on me, and realising this they eased up on my brother. I asked why they didn’t ease up on me too, and he simply replied “I don’t know”. They just kept moving the goal posts and I kept trying harder, and failing constantly.

By the time I was 26 I was effectively broken. My career dreams were shattered by my parents taking me out of school at the age of 16 and sending me to do a job I didn’t want. Rebellion wasn’t an option, even my brother said he wouldn’t dare not have got a job the instant he left school. I moved from one low paid, dead-end job to another, finally landing up in administration in the London Ambulance Service, where I met my first husband. Our marriage was based on the wrong foundations, and of course there came a time when I ended it.

The intervening years from 17 to 34 saw me living in a house I didn’t want, in a career I didn’t want. Unable to please anyone because everyone expected something different of me. Seen as a show-off at work and in my family because we had plenty of money. Suffering from acute anxiety and thinking that I was completely crazy and a total loser. Enter Keith Macfarlane.

Keith was a friend who became a mentor, and a spiritual thinker who shared ideas with me that I didn’t even dream existed. We worked together for 17 years, when he sadly passed away far too young, and his ideas changed my life for the better. That’s when I learned:

If you think as you’ve always thought you will do as you’ve always done, and you will get what you’ve always got.

It’s your thoughts that create, shape, and change your life,

and your beliefs shape your thoughts.


Having changed myself, I then realised that my spirit-in-the-real-world philosophy was helpful to others, but I didn’t want to launch myself on the general public without some proper training. I did a certificate in counselling skills, a diploma in life coaching, trained as a medium, then became a qualified Law of Attraction Practitioner, and studied under Mike Dooley ( as an Infinite Possibilities Trainer and Mentor. I also trained as a psychic medium.

I work with clients on a 1-2-1 basis, always using a practical-spiritual approach in my work. I prefer mentoring to coaching because to me it indicates the kind of support and encouragement I provide, rather than being constantly harassed to have goals and make big changes. It’s better to get your mind straight before you begin goal setting and life changing.

I also run workshops and weekends that focus entirely on you, and offer you a safe space in which to think, rest and clear your mind, and then focus on the things that are bugging you and work out the first or next steps to creating change. There is always time for relaxation, and I use a variety of techniques and exercises to help you get out of the ‘normal’ mindset into something more magical that embraces the idea that you are a infinite possibility in a universe of infinite power.

Thinking magically reminds us not to do the same-old-same old.

Infinite possibilities reminds as how unique, flexible, and capable we are.

It’s not just thinking outside the box, it’s burning the box!

I’m a professional public speaker and member of Toastmasters International, the public speaking and leadership training group. I recently entered my second competition, and got to area level, which I was very pleased with. So I’m the current Area Champion, and the self I was before I discovered a spiritual approach to life simply wouldn’t believe that! Yet it happened. If you want to work with me or book me as a speaker the contact details are below.