Trusting in the Best

Gold Stars!

So, if you want to trust that the best kind of life exists, then you need to be confident that you can create that gold-star kind of life and take practical action.

Step by Step

If you’ve decided that you need to change, to be a glass-refillable kind of person (why bother with half-full when you can always add more?), then you will be happier if you think of it as a step-by-step process rather than a giant leap for human-kind. Leave those to the astronauts who weren’t fighting gravity.

The idea that change is easy, well that can be true, but if you want to make it positive and permanent it’s good to take a step, test it, adjust if necessary, and then take another step and test that. You want to get this right don’t you? You want the improvement to be permanent?

Adding to who you are

Much as we all want to think that at some point we’ll have it all sorted and can rest on our laurels, life tends to offer different challenges that we can learn from. Added to that, getting stuck in the rut is to be avoided.

The danger of thinking you’re sorted and you’re perfect is that you might become entrenched in that idea later in life. Whereas if you decide that you like and love yourself, and then continue learning more and developing, you will never stagnate.

There is a big difference between keeping the mind young
and stagnation.

It’s not about taking forever to like and trust yourself, and then still not being satisfied, not at all. I’ve been pretty satisfied, except for a relatively few blips here and there, for over 20 years. It’s about continuing to learn in life to keep the mind young, sharp, and focused on good things.

I’ve continued to learn and the things I’ve learned have made life easier and easier. Pull at a thread of knowledge and you’ll often go on magical journeys into unexplored lands that have amazing benefits and beauty you may never have imagined. I’ve recently started studying Buddhism only to discover that the great aim of Buddhism is – happiness.

Enlightenment is happiness!

It’s that simple.

Too grown up for their own good

Sadly I’ve known 4 people in the older generation who thought they had it all nailed, but as they got older they felt out of control as life moved on, past the things they thought were important, into a brave new world of thought. Their reaction was to become angrier as they felt less in control, and the outcome was deeply sad. They were 4 beautiful, wise, funny people when they were young. They didn’t end their lives that way.

I understand them, social mores have changed a great deal in my lifetime. Much of it I love. The new attitudes towards gender are wonderful, I couldn’t give a toss what someone’s gender is and I’ve never understood people who do. I prefer our multi-racial society, it’s so much fun and I’ve learned from Muslims, Sikhs, people from Africa, other European countries, I love it all.

However, when you see standards that you thought were right start to fail, the rudeness and unkindness on social media just stuns me. When you see knife crime growing at a terrifying rate; when you have politicians too interested in in-fighting to do their job; when you know that working people need food-banks in order to survive, because someone, somewhere, doesn’t judge them worthy of having enough money to eat and feed their family; there is a feeling of the world becoming something that you don’t understand, that is leaving you behind.

In order to continue trusting that a ‘best life’ is possible, you need to stay engaged and interested, and do what you can to mitigate what you don’t understand.

Never Give Up!

Just don’t give up. Try out the Law of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering. Decide what you want out of life, make absolutely sure it is what you want, be very clear, and then take positive action to help the universe to help you.

Remember that I’m the Myth Buster, busting the myths that hold people back. Don’t buy into the idea that a great life is impossible, other people may tell you this but they won’t pay for the results, you will.

We all go through what I call real life situations, I lost a beautiful friend at the beginning of June, and the world won’t be the same without her. We have to cope with real things as best we can, but we don’t have to put up with bad treatment, unhappiness, or lack of progress towards our dreams, no how no way! Don’t trust anyone who tells you otherwise.

Make your own decisions about what life has to offer.
Live your own dream not someone else’s nightmare!

Smiles. Next week – The Money Myth!



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