Define Yourself

If you’re going to switch to a person who thinks happy thoughts, believes that life can offer great things, and goes after those things, you need to define yourself to your own satisfaction. In that way you will be able to trust you because you’re the true version of yourself.

Self-definition is Important…

Because when you’re comfortable with the person you are then you aren’t so easily swayed by what other people believe.

It’s likely, if you have a negative mindset or don’t trust the process of life, that you were taught that way of thinking long before you were wise enough to stick your fingers in your ears when negative spewed forth. You are inclined to do that now aren’t you? Or run?

When we decide to define ourselves, who we are, and what we believe in, we take a massive step forwards in controlling and directing our thoughts. When you’ve decided what you’re going to let your mind mull over, the past and problems or the future and potential, you will find that you start to see possibilities rather than blocks and potential problems.

A person of possibilities

Is a person who is flexible in their thinking, sees possibilities and potential in life, and if something goes wrong takes the lesson they’ve learned and applies it to the next possibility and/or potential. Just because something goes wrong there is a world of potential out there and no reason why the next thing can’t go brilliantly well, with a bit of hard work and application.

Never forget that you have to back up your beliefs with positive action.

Attractive Thoughts

So, as you make the decision to have happy thoughts in your head, to think about all the magic you can create, the kind of life you really want, and keep your focus forwards not backwards, you will more than likely feel a lessening of stress and tension in your life. You may even discover moments of inner peace that you can build on.

You don’t have to take my word for this, run an experiment for the next week on allowing angry or upset thoughts about things that have happened, not how you feel inside. Then for one hour determinedly think good thoughts, if you must go back choose a happy memory and see how it feels to recall that time. Test for yourself the power of your thoughts over your feelings and emotions, note how stress levels rise and fall.

Happy Training

In order to trust that life can deliver the best, you have to be a person that sees the potential for the best.

Tomorrow I will talk about trust.




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