Always Look on The Bright Side of Life!

Yes you are! As I said yesterday, magic in your life can only be created by you. Therefore the saying “Attitude is everything” isn’t a well-worn cliche, it’s a long ignored piece of real, effective, wisdom!

Moving on From Negativity

In order to truly change your life you have to change your mind. In order to change your mind you change what you think about. Because:

What you think about you bring about

All the things they teach us at school and they don’t teach us that! All the things our parents and other elders, siblings, and peer group teach us about their views of life, and they don’t teach us that!

A very good example of this is not believing that you’ll ever meet the right person, so not going out, not having fun, not putting on your glad rags and whirling out into the world ready to party, and therefore meeting no new people. If you think about it, if you don’t know Miss-ter right then you need to meet new people.

Your lack of belief in love can also result in you being cynical and untrusting in relationships, and that will drive other people away.

Cosmic Ordering and The Law of Attraction

Are not rubbish! Far, far from it. I’m a qualified Law of Attraction Master Practitioner and Infinite Possibilities Trainer (TM). The reason I studied these things was because I was interested, I have an open mind and if there’s fascinating sounding knowledge out there I will have a rummage and see if it works for me.

We always have the free will to accept or dismiss information

In order to change your mind you need to be prepared to fill it with new stuff that no one in your past taught you. Stuff you choose to study. Then invoke your human adult status and make a decision to accept wholesale, accept some, or dismiss.

Just make sure you make the decision with your heart!

Yep, at the moment your mind can lead you astray due to the training lurking in your subconscious that you haven’t overridden yet.


More about the power of the Law of Attraction.




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