No Miracles Here

We All Need Help

As a mentor who helps people put their everyday lives right, and balance home, career, family, friends, and self-care, I can tell you that I’ve been through the mill too.

I used to look at the people I turned to for help and inspiration, see them standing up in front of an audience looking comfortable and being inspirational, and think “I can never imagine how I could be like that!” Now I am.

“Everybody Hurts Sometimes”

I can’t encompass the mental and emotional trauma of my past in a short blog, suffice it to say that by the time I was 26 years old I didn’t know how to keep going anymore, nor did I see the point of doing so. So I got myself two kittens on the grounds that I wanted something in my life more important than the crap I was going through, and found myself a mentor.

As I continued my journey of self-discovery, sub-conscious revelation, and action to change my life, I sought out, bought the books, and followed a number of well-known people, all of whom had a story behind them of feeling grim to the point of hopelessness in their lives. That’s when I realised how very much I wasn’t alone, and that fame, money, success, and all that jazz, make zero difference to the way we feel.

Fight for you, fight to win!

When you’re down it’s hard to think of fighting it, harder still to imagine winning, but it can be done if you’re practical. Don’t expect that your life will change instantly overnight, only winning millions on the lottery will do that and so many people who do seem to still struggle and often lose all the money somehow. Self worth comes to mind.

Start with your thoughts. You will be familiar with “If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always got”, but there is a critical key before that to open the door of change. “If you think as you’ve always thought you will do as you’ve always done…etc…”

If you start by noticing the things you think about, are they positive or negative, do they support useful action to change your life, are they ‘can do’ thoughts or ‘heck I’m stuck’ ones? Also, notice how often you think about what other people may be thinking about you. It’s critical to stop that at once.

Unknown destination

In life we generally try to know what we’re doing at all times, but when you start the path of personal change – which is the only path that will change everything that’s wrong in your life for the better – you have to learn who the real you is.

You have to stop being the person your parents told you that you were, you have to find out who you are, what you think, what matters to you, and identify your dreams. Your dreams are you real truth that “I wish I had or could” thought has been your truth speaking your entire life.

However, during that journey your dreams may change for the better, they may be limited at the moment by other people’s beliefs, remove those and who knows how high the limit of your sky, stars, moon, sun!

The Spiritual Message

I’m going to moving onto the Blame, Shame, Game, in the next blog. But for goodness sake ask for help. Too many people treat unhappiness as normality, too many people struggle every day because they can’t see how to change, or think they’ll have to move straight from unhappy to happy in one step.

No, it’s a journey of learning and discovery, like a life-long holiday in different and amazing places, starting small like a day off, moving to a weekend away, then a week, a month, a year, a decade, the rest of your life spent in a better place. One step at a time chosen by you and supported by your mentor.

I’m Waiting To Help

The only reason I have for my work is you, or the lost or struggling people that you know. The only thing I am for is your happiness, feelings of being in control of your life, of being yourself, and having inner resources to draw on when you need them, as we all do from time-to-time.

If you’re struggling contact me at; or call me on 07912 374226 (+44 from outside the UK). I’m on Facebook, I have a new page called The Myth Buster.

But don’t waste one more minute of your life living the programme of a subconscious mind that you didn’t even programme yourself! You don’t need to be a miracle to create positive change, you just need to be prepared to take a step. Take it!

Say no to unhappiness!

Love and smiles



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