Long Time No See

You may wonder why the silence, you may wonder why this blog is now called the Myth Buster. Much as I liked Thoughts for a Better World, the title wasn’t in line with my new work, and I realised that I had too many online identities, so I had to make a decision to keep myself more together so to speak. However, the point is still the same.

Myths or Thoughts?

Because our minds control our lives, the better inner world and outer world are all controlled by the way we think, and of course the outer world is a collective of individual thinkers.

Thoughts for a better world was about changing the way we think individually in order to create happier inner feelings, and spread those good feelings as far and wide as we can. The more happy people, the more laughter, the more joy, the more world peace.

The biggest myth

If you believe as I do that world peace is an absolute necessity, then you will know that scorn and scoffing are more prevalent in your hearing than candy in a sweet shop.

World peace is not possible – wrong. It’s for dreamers – wrong. No one can create world peace – correct, no one can, it will take millions upon billions of individuals. You’re a liberal snowflake – in which case winter is coming.

I cannot begin to imagine how we could possible make such a large, populous, diverse world, into a peaceful home for the human community. There are countries in this world, islands, areas, that I’ve never heard of. There are arguments, disagreements, and historical conflicts that I don’t know exist. Teams of screwed up individuals are getting together in random climes, raping, pillaging, burning, beheading, and generally creating havoc, and I have no idea that it’s happening.

No matter what though, and no matter where, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to keep working so that it stops.

Time isn’t the Only Healer

Of course we won’t see world peace in this lifetime, and those in the past who worked so hard didn’t see it either, but they knew that and didn’t give up, and we can’t give up because we have to encourage the generation after us to keep going, keep believing, stand firm. Otherwise more soldiers will die, more civilians will die, more children will die.

In order to stop that we have to be committed to healing our planet, one heart at a time.

Spiritual Conclusion

If the only way to bring world peace is through a happiness virus spreading from human heart to human heart, then the former tone of this blog will not change. I will be focusing more on the myths that hold us back, but the ultimate message of ‘feel better in yourself and then spread the word’ remains the same.

This world needs us. The future needs us. The children need us.

Be a snowflake!



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