Fear is the Key

Stop Typing

Life is a learning journey, and I’ve learned that sometimes replying to someone is just repeating what you believe in, then they repeat what they believe in, and repeat!


Nothing is more true of Brexit, many people waited for the vote for over 50 years, knowing they never wanted to be part of the EU in the first place. Others discovered they didn’t feel comfortable. Still others knew that they wanted to remain part of Europe.

Then we had a vote and just over 50% became Brexidiots (NOT my term), and just under 50% became Remoaners (NOT my term). The truth was that we just had different opinions. That’s all.

Right to an Opinion

Whatever we’re arguing about, virtually every human alive will tell you that they have a right to their opinion, whilst strongly believing that other people are wrong, rather than simply expressing an opinion to which they also have a right.

We humans have often taken such a battering in our lives, that we’ve taken refuge in a sense of identity that is fragile and easily knocked. So if someone thinks we’re wrong a sense of tension explodes in the stomach, outrage chokes its way up into the throat, and fury enters the mind. How can this person be such an idiiot?!

Sense of Identity

Because fear is such a strong emotion in this world, and we’re all bombarded by a lot of stress and tension, it’s so easy for decent, kind, human beings to step across to the dark side and express maybe years of pent up frustration on any particular subject in which they become embroiled.

Our sense of identity is more stress based than enlightenment based at this time. The thing we most need to do, all of us, is to reach towards a place where we rebuild ourselves and remove all the faulty programming we received earlier in our lives.

We must come trust ourselves to the point that if we are wrong the only strong and honest thing to do is apologise, and it takes nothing from our sense of identity that as a human we can be wrong. But we won’t do that if we hang on to the old training of fear and unworthiness.

Spiritual Thoughts

Perhaps if we just gave ourselves a little more time, a little space, listened to some good music and relaxed, we would find stress easier to deal with and communication less stressful.

So maybe we stop typing, stop worrying about things we can’t control, learn to love and respect ourselves, and then we will find understanding others far easier.

Because those who like themselves are strong, centred, and don’t worry as much about being right as they do about upsetting others.

To your inner beauty



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