Right and Wrong


The odd thing about being human is that what feels right is often perceived as a fact. Something makes so much sense to our logic that we can’t see any way that what we feel could possibly be ‘wrong’.

Mind Vs Heart

Many people will, of course, tell you I’m wrong, feeling that their beliefs are completely logical and stand up convincingly to any amount of scrutiny. So why do other people completely fail to see the emotional logic behind another person’s truth?

Fear or Fact

Generally humans like to think of themselves as thinking beings, masters of logic, with a clear understanding of all the matters they feel strongly about. The truth is that we’re strongly swayed by emotion, and one of the main emotions that impacts the truth is fear of being wrong.

Of course when we fear that we might be wrong, or feel beleaguered on all sides by those questioning our grasp on life (Remoaners vs Brexidiots), that fear makes us even more certain that we couldn’t possibly be wrong, and we’re the only sane person in the room, country, or social media thread.

You can always tell people who aren’t fearful, they are able to take a number of ideas on board and then research and work through issues. That flexibility of mind is so very important, because in my experience few people have as many upsets as those too scared to change their mind.

Historical Truth

I really learnt to question truth when I did my history degree. Firstly I discovered that at that time the top mark was 80% not 100%, to acknowledge that new information may come to light that would change historical conclusion.

The other main reason was that history was often recorded in order to please the people in power. You only have to think of a Bible in which the book of Peter, of all apostles, was removed, to know that facts have to suit the powerful. Interestingly Peter described Jesus quite differently to the chosen books of the New Testament. Who was Luke anyway? Matthew, Mark, and John we know of, but Luke? The only place he appears is as an Apostle of Paul hundreds of years later. However…

Truth and Sanity

We all have our own beliefs, flexibility of thought is one of mine that I hold dear, and no one is to blame for the way life has shaped them. To me there are some important things to consider when it comes to your truth, which are:

  • Is it hurting me?
  • Is it hurting others?
  • Do I know it’s true and right?
  • Is my truth making me happy?
  • Am I achieving my dreams?

And finally

  • Is fear driving me?
  • Is it my fear?
  • Are these my beliefs?

Your subconscious forms 90% of your mind, controlling your thoughts and drivers, and the original programming was done by others. Something to think about.

More Incrediblerer?

If a grammar fiend received this message on their birthday their truth would likely wreck the moment. Let it bend!




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