I work with a spirit guide, have done for a long time and I’ve had more than one. No explanation that Amos has ever offered me has blown my mind, or made more sense, than his revelation about the human journey and what a life on this earth represents.

Understanding the Difference

According to Amos this earth is a spirit world where we learn to accept differences. We have to deal with gender, colour, race, creed, philosophy, political stance, religion, number of legs, and many other different ideas and opinions thrown in.

We come here not to dismiss others, kill them, devalue them due to their race or gender, or make them less important because they’re not as clever or well qualified, we come here to learn not to be afraid of those differences.

The animal kingdom asks us to learn to love and communicate with creatures wildly different from us. The planet asks us to respect that it is the only thing that supports the lives that we allegedly hold so dear, whilst trying to poison it and blow it apart.

Epic Fail?

Actually no, because most people never think of life in this way. That of course might be part of the grand plan, to see what we do when we don’t know what we’re doing, but unfortunately there is far too much fear amongst humans, or lack of knowledge and connection, or all of the above, for us to be doing a great job at this time.

Those of us awake and aware need to be shouting louder, demonstrating more inclusion, showing less fear, and quietly questioning why differences and disagreements should bring out the worst in us, if not the murderer in us.

Be Kind Always

People will denigrate the idea of being kind, being inclusive, and they will call you weak. But do we really want a world that continues in this vein of fear? Because fear is what it is is, not strength, not superiority; not skin colour, race, or religion; not courage, just fear. This saying is one of my favourites, it first appeared on Facebook but I can’t find the author’s name anymore, but he was bang on right. Let’s be badass believers in the rights of all living beings and the planet, and finally stop being scared.


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