Spirit in the Real World

Why Simplicity Works

Yesterday I talked about how simple spirit keep things, coming up with the most obvious solutions that we often block with intellect and book learning, rules and regulations about the way things are.

Today I want to tell you why simplicity works so well when you’re trying to change from a person with the wrong thoughts that don’t support your personal happiness and success.

You’re Spirit

So if spirit keep things simple and you’re a spiritual being having a human journey, reaching into your true self for answers, the part of you not confused and cluttered by your upbringing, also means that your answers will be both simple and right.  But how do you do that?

Listen to Your Gut

You’ve heard talk about the gut instinct, and you probably know the feeling of your stomach area twitching and feeling very uncomfortable when you make a decision to do something.  You probably also know that every time you’ve ignored that reaction things haven’t worked out either as well as you would have liked, or not worked out at all.

When I accepted my first husband’s proposal I felt sick, a feeling that is of course located in the stomach area.  The day I walked down the aisle I literally felt as if my solar plexus, another name for stomach area, was walking backwards up the aisle with every step I took.  I put this down to engagement nerves, pre-wedding nerves, wedding nerves, and everything else I could think of rather than accept the simple truth – this was a bad decision and my gut instinct was screaming it from the roof-tops.

The problem is that we’re not raised to consider our body to be anything more than something we feed an exercise, but in a mind/body/spirit context, it’s actually our early warning system.

More later



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