Mind, Body, Spirit

Hands releasing butterfliesA Better Reality

Mind, body, spirit isn’t just a title on a banner outside an event, or on the shelves in a bookshop, it’s what we are.  But what does that really mean in the real world, in a reality that is so human it feels as divorced from heaven as it’s possible to be?

It means a lot of things and all of them practical and applicable to 21st Century mayhem.


In the modern world we’re taught to rely almost solely on our thoughts and intellect.  If you stop for a moment and consider this you will realise that 90% of your mind is subconscious, that subconscious has been trained by many different people over the years, you have absorbed their beliefs, and now you’re living a pretty mixed up life.  Most importantly, you don’t know what your subconscious is up to!

In the spiritual field you may be told to ignore your mind and thoughts altogether, and concentrate instead on your gut instinct, or messages received through divination cards, nature, the random magazine article that addresses exactly the question you’ve been worrying over, and so on.

Actually neither attitude is right, neither is wrong, in order to be a spiritual being living a happy and successful life, you need to use both aspects of awareness.


Your spirit is that inner knowing normally accessed through listening to the messages of the solar plexus, and never ignoring a gut instinct or uncomfortable feeling.  You may believe that only psychics and empaths have these feelings, but the truth is the abilities are innate in everyone, and paying attention to them can be a real sanity saviour.


Your body is your early warning system.  You’ve heard all the cliches such as shouldering a burden, a pain in the neck, I can’t stomach it, and so on.  Yet have you realised that your shoulders might ache from feeling tense because you are shouldering burdens?  Your neck will go tense when you’re in a situation that makes you uncomfortable.  Your stomach will play up if you find life hard to digest.

Your body is always telling you when it’s stressed and tense, and it’s vital to listen to it and think about what’s going on at the time.  The messages the body can give are entire blog, if not a book.  But Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” is a very good starting point to learn about this.


So your solar plexus is tweaking and you’re feeling uncomfortable, your body is sending you various messages of tension and stress, now, rather than dismiss the mind as too logical bring all that information up and process it.  Because the way we make sense of things is to use our minds, so to dismiss the mind as too logical and detached from spirituality is absolutely the wrong thing to do.  That’s just logical, after all…

A spiritual thinker will use their mind to decode
information in a spiritual way won’t they?
An aware person will have an aware mind, right?

Never let popular attitudes and opinions dis-integrate you!




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