Simplicity – the Spiritual Secret

The Easiest Path

There is a difference between the kind of spirituality taught by religions and the type I was taught and follow.  Maybe it isn’t even spirituality per se, but I don’t have a better word for believing that you have a spiritual self, and using that belief to guide your thoughts and actions in order to change your life.

Practical Spirituality for Everyday Living

The type of spiritual thinking I work with relates to every day life, but instead of thinking of myself as purely a human who will become spirit at a later date, I learned to look at myself as a spiritual being with access to thousands of years of information and inspiration, that I can download and use.  To me the universe is a dome, I send my mind up into that dome and the answer will be there.

It’s been about looking at the training I had as a child, keeping what I like and leaving behind what I don’t, then creating more positive, loving behaviour to replace the ugh!  Never leave a gap, always fill it with positivity.


As a medium I also work with spirit guides, and one of the things I’ve learned from my guides is that they have a real knack for keeping things simple.  A very good example was when someone asked at an event about friends who betray you.  I had written ‘friends who betray you’ on the board, and simply took a pen and crossed out friends.  After a bit back and forth “it’s not that simple”, “yes it is”, and repeat.  The person suddenly said “of course, friends don’t betray you”.  Once she realised the person wasn’t a friend letting go was far easier.  It is that simple.

It’s only hard to lose true friends – but it’s too easy to keep hurt in your life

Another example was a client struggling to make a decision.  She asked me to ask my guide, Amos, what she should do, which I did.  He asked the question “will it make you happy?”  Again we too and fro’d on “it’s not that simple”, “yes it is”, “no it’s not”, until the light came on and she said “Oh, if something doesn’t make me happy I shouldn’t do it!”

The Extremely Obvious

We are encouraged to make decisions, never give up, don’t be a quitter, and often we waste a lot of happiness time as a result.  The truth is that we’re following a path laid down centuries ago by someone else, someone who made different choices.  We have to make our own choices and being a quitter when you’re unhappy isn’t a bad one.

Try once – try again – try harder –  move on!

That way lies sanity.  Simple.


One thought on “Simplicity – the Spiritual Secret

  1. Yes, Yes, Yes, as already said to me many times by spirit, “KISS”. Keep it simple stupid. Don’t try to complicate it. Thank you for your lovely clarity and I will try to take this advice.


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