Who am I, Where am I, What is this Place?

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The Title is the Explanation

The basis of my life training, writing and teaching, has been to see myself not as a human being created here, the result of a random collision between a sperm and an egg, but as a spiritual being who decided to be born here and have a human life.  A being with many lifetimes of knowledge and wisdom behind them, that were forgotten on the way down the birth canal, and needed reclaiming as I escaped childhood and decided that remaining sane was something of a priority.

Who am I?  (Who are you?)

A spiritual being who made the decision to come here, therefore this life a) cannot be a mistake or a joke, and b) has a point and purpose.  That idea alone has kept me going many times when I would have considered giving up.  It created a feeling of responsibility within me to my spiritual self, and to my plans for this life.

The belief that my life path started well before this life and continues way after this life, and that I chose this, has given me a point to being here.  The belief that I’m spirit, which brought about a complete change of attitude towards human existence, has given me unique strategies to help me cope with this crazy mixed up world.

What would thinking of yourself as a spiritual being capable of drawing on many years of inner wisdom do for you?  Would it help with confidence and self respect?  If you went to your gut instinct and intuition to help you make decisions, would they be wiser and more effective?  As someone who walked down an aisle thinking “this is a huge mistake” and didn’t listen, I have never ignored my gut instinct or warning voice since.

I can tell you in one short sentence what it did for me.  It freed me to be myself.

Where am I?

On the planet earth, third rock from the sun.  A world populated by spiritual beings who come from and return to the spirit world.  Therefore we are not away from home, we are slap bang in the middle of it.  Okay, seemingly few humans realise that this world could be so much more, and humanity could be so much more, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.  It doesn’t mean that each individual can’t make a positive difference to a happier, more peaceful world.  After all, what would a spiritual being do if not try to improve things for all living beings and save the planet?

What is This Place?

It’s a melting pot for many spiritual beings to learn about the other.

Skin colour is a test of our acceptance.  Race is a test of our ability to blend with different peoples.  Religion is a test to see if we will make our gods fight, or accept that there is only one way – love.  Gender is for us to learn from those who view life differently, and we have a vast array of genders to learn from.  Scientists now say that there are at least 16 different genders ranging from exceptionally female to exceptionally male, and everything in between.  Beliefs are often based on personal opinion, and when we understand that there will be fewer beliefs to fight over.  We have many opportunities to learn and become loving, accepting, inclusive, and peaceful in this world, and frankly we need to do better.

Most importantly, this is a place to learn about who you are.  How open minded, how inclusive, how kind, how gentle, how loving, how honest.  How much integrity you have.  How flexibly you think.  How scared you are.  Because those who hold onto their beliefs in an angry and defensive way are the most frightened people on the planet.  Spiritual beings can listen without fear and learn without feeling stupid.

There is so much in this world to learn about, let alone in the vast unknown universe, how can anyone possibly feel stupid for not knowing something?  How can we possibly know that we’re definitely right in all the things we believe?

Animals were sent here to test our kindness and acceptance of something we cannot communicate with in any way but love.  The way you treat an animal who is dependent on you for it’s very life says a great deal about who you are.  And attacking a smaller, defenceless creature, or a bigger one from a great distance with a gun, says a lot more.

A vast array of beings were thrown together here to challenge each other in only one thing – kindness – and everything that word stands for.

So What Next?

Those are the basics, I’ll be back when the muse calls with ideas to help you live a happier life.  Until then – keep your thoughts in a happy place, because your thoughts create your life.


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