There is Magic in your Moaning

Have you ever moaned and moaned until you’ve driven your friends crazy? Have you ever done so until you’ve driven yourself crazy? I did, I got to the stage where I hated hearing myself speak because I couldn’t believe that I had been worrying about the same thing for so long.

In fairness to me, it was a very difficult thing I was worrying about – how to break up ‘the golden couple’. That’s how my ex and I were known, and for different reasons both our families were heavily invested in our marriage. At times it felt like we were married for their reasons and not our own, such was the pressure to keep performing, for want of a better word. When we did split up it would not be an exaggeration to say that chaos ensued.

I have a different approach to moaning today. When I feel like moaning I go off on my own, I moan my head off, and I listen! In doing so, in getting things off my chest, I can order my thoughts, decide whether I need to take action or I’m just having a Negative-Nelly day, and take steps accordingly. I.E. shut up or do something.

I wish that someone had told me during those bad times that moaning means you’re upset about something. Blindingly obvious I know, but we tend to dismiss moaning as being negative, rather than realising that we are moaning for a reason and that reason needs exploring!

Obviously, there are two levels, level one is when you’re feeling out of sorts and everything irritates you. Level two is when there is something very wrong that needs your care, attention, and action. Only in listening to yourself moan can you decide which level you’re at and what you need to do.

So, don’t ever dismiss your moaning, be derogatory about it, or put yourself down as an idiot who doesn’t know when they’re onto a good thing. Moan and listen. If you’re jut out of sorts, then do something to settle yourself back down. If something is wrong, sort it.

And if you can’t sort it, contact me. Together we will.