The Magic Glass

You’ve heard many times that your thoughts create your life. Change your thoughts to change your life. If you don’t change the way you think, then you won’t be able to create permanent, positive, change. I might have said these things a few dozen times myself. These are all good, valid, valuable, ideas, but they’re an over simplification and the tip of an iceberg.

In life we tend to talk about people as being negative or positive, which is not realistic, because we flex between positive and what people call negative on a moment-by-moment basis, depending on what’s happening in life.

If we want to be magical thinkers, we have to accept our humanity, and understand that depending on what’s going on, or even if we just have a low moment or period of time, we will have negative thoughts. If, however, we’re having a great time, or even a moderately good time, positive thinking will be the default setting.

When we’re having a difficult or low time it’s important to be realistic. If life has dealt a real blow, such as an illness, or a passing in the family, being down is the right reaction. A magical thinker will understand that this is the right time in their life to feel very low, and they will also know that they will come out the other side, changed but whole.

If in a difficult life situation, perhaps with relationships, children, or your career, then a magical thinker will recognise that this is a difficult time, but they will explore every option and opportunity to create positive change, on their own unique terms, as quickly as possible. When they get the feeling that they’re beaten they won’t panic, a magical thinker will realise that as a normal reaction under the circumstances, but not a thought to be dwelt upon. They’ll allow themselves that low moment, and then ask, “What’s next? What shall I try now?” They will keep trying until they find their solution.

So, let’s get to that glass. Is it half empty or half full? A magical thinker will tell you that the glass is refillable! You might call it practical-magic, because magical thinking is entirely practical, with an innovative, inspirational, no-holds-barred, twist!

A toast to magical thinking!