Does Everyone Have Magic Inside?

The short answer is yes. You may not think yourself capable of creating a reasonable life, let alone a magical one, but that’s only because you have been trained in a specific, social way of thinking that mostly knocks anything that isn’t ‘normal’.

There is another way of thinking, and I call it magical for two reasons. The first is that, as it says on the home page, if a magician can create magic from a set of ordinary playing cards, then we can create magic from an ordinary life. Secondly, because calling it magical thinking reminds us not to think ‘normally’. To seek inspired ideas, to believe that we can do anything we want to. To actively try to be different, and live differently. In other words, to live our own lives not a well-worn pattern followed by previous, equally frustrated, generations.

Because that’s what’s been happening for hundreds of years. Each generation has followed a similar path to the last, improving on some things, but broadly living the same type of life. You may have a bigger house than your parents had at this point in their lives, you may have a higher paid job; you may have a degree or two. But you will still be getting up, going to work, working hard, and coming home. Broadly speaking, the pattern is identical. Unless you’re one of the rare few who think outside the box, take steps and risks that most ‘ordinary folk’ don’t take, have a dream and go for it.

However, you don’t have to want to be a multi-millionaire running the latest cutting-edge technology company, having taken the brave decision of walking out of your degree a week before your finals like Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, in order to shift to magical thinking. I have to admit, I love magical thinking but I’m glad mine hasn’t had to be quite so dramatic!

Magical thinking just means that you don’t like where you are in life, your current thinking isn’t working, and now you’re stepping outside the box, breaking all the rules of boredom and drudgery, and leaving no stone unturned, in order to live the life of your dreams. However big or small they may be. Even a small dream is the most valuable thing in the world if it is your dream.

Magical thinking versus years of boredom, or worse. You decide.